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TRANSLATION: Transferring a written message (a DOCUMENT) from one language into another.

  • Documents may be:

    • formal and require certification or notarization

    • or informal

  • Some examples of frequently translated documents:

    • Certificates: birth, death, marriage, adoption

    • Legal documents: warrants, last will and testament, power of attorney

    • Personal documents: letters, recipes

    • Business documents: bank statements, contracts

  • When you require a translation, the translator looks it over and provides a written estimate

  • Depending on the type of document, estimates may be based on:

    • Number of pages

    • Word count

    • Total project

  • A mutually agreed-upon timeframe is decided

  • Documents are translated and sent to client in PDF format, along with invoice

  • If the document requires a notarized signature, an additional $15 fee will apply

Language A

Language B

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