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SIMULTANEOUS Interpretation:

This is most common during conferences, where the interpreter is listening to the speaker's message, and at the same time interpreting (via a transmitter) for the listener (who wears a headset).

  • Best done with the use of interpreting equipment, especially when there is more than one person needing to understand the speaker.

  • Examples: Conferences and meetings, church events, worksite tours, any time there is a group

  • Our quote for services includes equipment rental.


CONSECUTIVE Interpretation:

  • The interpreter speaks (interprets) after the first person finishes speaking their message.

  • Turn-taking, with the interpreter providing equivalents orally for what each speaker says, but not at the same time.

  • Requires no equipment, and is most commonly performed at depositions, medical appointments, over-the-phone, etc.




  • Depositions

  • Independent Medical Exams

  • Witness Prep



  • Polygraph Examinations

  • Worker´s Comp Appointments

  • Conferences


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