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The process

  • During a conference or meeting in which there will be ONE or more presenters, and an audience that does not speak the same language, SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION is required, as well as the equipment to best provide it.

  • In this mode of interpretation, the INTERPRETER listens to the speaker and simultaneously interprets the message via a TRANSMITTER to her audience. People in the audience needing interpretation services are wearing RECEIVER HEADSETS that pick up the transmission from the interpreter.

  • Because simultaneous interpretation used in conferences requires interpreters to work very hard to preserve every aspect of a speaker's message over long periods of time, please be aware that quotes will always include cost for a team of 2 interpreters.

  • It is vital for the quality of services that interpreters alternate every 30 minutes. It is also considered a best practice in the industry.


We offer you the necessary equipment for this kind of service

Contact us for a quote, indicating

  • Dates and times of the event

  • Expected number of events happening at once (e.g., at one conference there may be 3 simultaneous breakout sessions)

  • How many people will be using our services

  • The expected size of the venue



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