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Forensic Transcription and Translation is:

"the process of transcribing and translating audio/video recordings involving speech of limited- and non-English-speaking (LEP) individuals for use as evidentiary material in the legal process" (R. Dueñas Gonzalez, Fundamentals of Court Interpreting)

We have experience in providing court-ready, 3-column format transcription/translations of audio and video recordings used during the legal process.

  • Our current clients include:

    • AUSA Office for the District of Arizona

    • Independent/Private Counsel

    • CJA Panel Counsel

  • We have worked on the following types of recordings and projects, among others:

    • Immigration Interviews

    • Border Patrol interviews

    • Undercover Police recordings/video (patrol cars, watch recorders, body wires, etc)

    • Recordings of warrants authorized by phone, by judges (so they may become part of the record)

    • Phone taps

    • Translation of text messages in Spanish

  • Project Estimates begin at $28/minute for audio/video, and may vary depending on the quality of the recording.

  • All finished documents include a signed Certification of Forensic Transcription/Translation by a Federally Certified Court Interpreter.

  • Contact us today for more details or to discuss your project

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