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  • We have ample experience in training aspiring and practicing interpreters of all levels and ages, in many fields, Spanish-specific and Language Neutral, including:

    • Medical: for hospitals, clinics, IMEs, competency exams

    • Judicial: Working with recent college grads, veteran interpreters, aspiring certificants. All court hearings, polygraph tests, depositions, forensic transcription.

    • Community: Including preparing refugees for medical and judicial interpreting

  • Experienced in developing tailor-made workshops for specific audiences, including: refugees, medical interpreters, community interpreters, etc.


Preparing for Court or Medical Certification

Whether you are an experienced interpreter, or new to the field, you may be contemplating certification.

Court Certification requires strong skills in all 3 modes: Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive interpretation, and Sight Translation.

Medical/Healthcare Certification requires Consecutive and Sight translation (though one certification exam tests for Simultaneous as well).


Do you need targeted practice in any one mode, or in mastery of content?
Call us for customized Individual or Group Trainings!

Below we provide links to information regarding the different Certifications.

Group Workshops

A workshop provides an excellent opportunity for both, and for sharing experiences and questions, and learning new techniques.

Workshops can be tailored to groups as small as 5-10, so gather your friends or colleagues and give us a call.

We'll provide individualized feedback, practice in all 3 modes, tips for note-taking, tips for preparing for certification exams, and additional practice recordings.

Available for Spanish AND other languages (through a Language Neutral training).


Individualized Interpreter Training/Coaching

Sometimes you may want greater privacy as you acquire interpreting skills in general, or to target a mode that is more difficult for you... We offer 1:1 trainings to address areas you wish to improve upon. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or monthly and will include feedback, exercises performed with the instructor and others to be done independently. Contact us for details!

We also offer sessions on Working as a Freelancer. There are many aspects to successfully working as a contract interpreter: advertising, budgeting your time and expenses, billing, working with technology, keeping track of multiple ongoing projects, developing a network of colleagues, etc. Learn from our experiences!

Spanish-specific AND Language Neutral

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